Our Services

Entitlement Process

RSI can complete basic schematics quickly so that you have a concrete starting point for the design/construction doc phase. Entitling your construction project culminates in your right to build out for a particular use. The entitlement process can be complicated, time consuming, and costly.

Knowing what you can and can’t do with your property early on is vital to setting the tone for your project. RSI can be retained as the project applicant as well as the project GC to help shield Owners from the regulatory process in time and energy.


RSI has expertise in the build out of existing space within a home or detached buildings. This includes the under floor build out, under utilized space within the home or the build out of attic space. This increases use and value and typically reduces the design permitting requirements.

RSI specializes in interior and exterior spaces that enhance the concept of indoor/outdoor living.

Site Preparation

RSI can help you relocate all utilities underground and in a more thoughtful location providing confidence with what comes into your home.

RSI has expertise with local utility companies and local and state regulatory agencies.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

RSI has significant experience in the Entitlement of Real Estate Construction projects and while ADU’s are simpler in size and format, they do come with their own Entitlement process. RSI understands the value of ADU’s whether it be attached, interior to the home, or detached.

RSI can tailor your design whether it be for rental income, extended family, family support, or the next phase of an Owner moving into a smaller unit on their grounds.

Aging In

 RSI can help you and your family phase in thoughtful ADA elements so that one’s home or commercial building allows every age and challenge to enjoy the premises.

Select Kitchen / Bathroom Remodels

RSI with pragmatic design and Real Estate experience can help guide and construct the bathroom kitchen that fits your family life.

RSI is focused on well thought out projects when Owner occupied so as to decrease the amount of time and interference with the use and enjoyment of other parts of the home.

RSI will work with you as a procurement agent so that before the project starts the finish items are pre-selected and purchased when possible ahead of time.

Landscape Design Installation

RSI can help you design a landscape including outdoor kitchens, pool rooms, and seasonal bedrooms that brings the outside in cultivating what we alldesire…a safe haven from our day to day activities.

RSI has expertise in native plants, habitat restoration, and riparian protection working with noted experts such as Biologists and Landscape architects when required.




Environmentally Focused

RSI is sensitive to how a client lives and guiding them on developing a plan of action that has the least impact possible on the parcel and the neighborhood.